Should Travel to Canary Islands Be Inexpensive?

The Canary Islands Undeniable Attraction at an Affordable Price

Seeking a destination that combines pristine beaches, stunning landscape, and exotic flavours? Look no further than the Canary Islands. Synonymous with rest and relaxation, these Spanish islands could well be the Eden for travellers on a budget. Caught between the rhythm of Africa and the heartbeat of Spain, the Canaries offer an irresistible cocktail of cultural experiences to enthral any globe-trotter. The question is, should travel to the Canary Islands be inexpensive? With an emphatic yes, let’s explore why these gems in the Atlantic shouldn’t break the bank.

Key Takeaways

• Unparalleled beauty at a modest cost
• Affordable accommodation and dining options
• Low-cost activities for all interests
• Easy-to-use, cheap public transport
• Experiencing local culture for free
• Travel deals and discounts
• The off-peak charm

Unmatched Natural Diversities at Low Costs

The Canary Islands offer an exotic array of natural treasures. From teal-emerald seas to sublime European forests, volcanic landscapes to desolate red plains, these islands host a diversity that belies their compact size. Yet, access to these sites remains reasonably priced, if not gratis, offering spectacular tours within reach of even the most budget-conscious traveller.

Accommodation and Dining Choices

Whether your taste veers towards quaint guesthouses or stylish apartments, you’ll find affordable accommodations throughout the Canaries. Equally attractive are the island’s dining options. Savour the flavours of local cuisine at a family-run eatery or enjoy a simple picnic on the beach, the choice is entirely yours, and it’s all affordable!

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Leisurely Pursuits on a Budget

Affordability doesn’t mean compromising on adventure. Fancy a swim with turtles, a hike through verdant laurel forests, or a bike ride amongst lava fields? The Canary Islands offer an array of low-cost recreational activities to satisfy all interests and budgets.

Cheap and Efficient Public Transport

Navigating the islands is a breeze with an inexpensive yet efficient public transport system. From inter-island ferries to local buses, the options are plentiful and easy on the pocket, letting you explore the islands without the expense of hiring a car.

A Cultural Melting Pot for Free

Step into local markets, witness a traditional festival, or simply spend time in a city park. The Canary Islands offer many ways to dive into local culture without spending a dime, providing a rich experience that goes beyond the tourist trail.

Discounts Abound for Travelling Wisely

Rich with travel deals and discounts, smart planning might leave you spending less than you would expect on your Canarian adventure. From flight deals to combo tickets for attractions, there are savings to be had for the savvy traveller.

The Off-Peak Island Charm

Visiting off-peak has its own appeal. With fewer crowds, lower prices, and an unhurried island vibe, the Canary Islands become even more enticing for those seeking a budget-friendly, tranquil getaway.


  1. Budget-Friendliness of the Canary Islands:

    The Canary Islands can indeed be a budget-friendly destination. Accommodation options like apartments can be more affordable compared to hotels, with prices starting as low as $68 a night​1​. Moreover, visiting during the low season, such as October, can save you around 40% on package holidays compared to the high season in August​2​.

  2. Low-cost Activities:

    There’s a variety of low-cost or free activities across the Canary Islands. You can explore natural wonders like Mount Teide on Tenerife, roam the lunar landscapes of Lanzarote, or hike through the scenic trails on La Palma​2​​3​.

  3. Saving on Accommodation and Dining:

    Renting an apartment can help save on dining out, as many have kitchen facilities​1​. Opt for non-touristy restaurants offering a ‘menú del día,’ a fixed-price three-course lunch, usually for less than $15​2​. Additionally, cooking your own meals when your accommodation has a kitchen can be a significant cost-saver​4​.

  4. Transit Costs:

    Public transit is a budget-friendly option with regular bus services available on major islands like Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura​2​.

  5. Free Cultural Experiences:

    There are free or discounted entry to certain attractions, museums, and galleries. For instance, some museums in Gran Canaria offer free entry on Sundays, and the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes gallery in Santa Cruz is free to visit​2​.

  6. Travel Deals or Discounts:

    Look for online, multi-ticket, or family discounts when planning to visit attractions. For example, multi-tickets in Lanzarote provide reduced prices for visiting main attractions like Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua​2​.

  7. Off-Peak Season Expenses:

    Visiting during the off-peak season, particularly in October, can be less expensive with around 40% cheaper package holidays compared to August, and the weather remains pleasant with warm sea temperatures​2​.

To answer our initial question – yes, travel to the Canary Islands can be affordable, making each visit an enchanting odyssey that meanders through dramatic landscapes, along lively streets, and into the hearts of its friendly locals. After all, can there be a better destination for those seeking an inexpensive yet unforgettable escape?

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