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Alberto San Juan. Festival Clásicos en Colores 2023

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Alberto San Juan Revives Federico García Lorca’s Literature Critiquing Capitalism

Alberto San Juan brings the writings of Federico García Lorca’s book “Poet in New York” into the contemporary world. San Juan, the lead character of the performance, begins his verbal illustration with the very same words used by Lorca to describe capitalism. The phrase originates from a 1930 lecture that Lorca held at the Residencia de Señoritas in Madrid, where he called capitalism “a brutal economic system which soon would have its head severed”.

The narrative unfolds as San Juan recounts that this was the very platform where Lorca introduced his book “Poet in New York” and spoke about his “lyrical perceptions” after spending a year residing in the city. During this year, Lorca observed the aftermath of the 1929 Crash, one of the severest crises in capitalist-society globally, surpassed recently only by the financial collapse of 2008, an economic fallout we are still dealing with today.

This performance by Alberto San Juan, in collaboration with his band, entails reading the prose and poetry that Lorca shared with his audience nearly one hundred years ago. These insights are still entirely pertinent in present-day context, as they crucially address economic and societal issues.


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Alberto San Juan brings the texts of the book Poeta en Nueva York by Federico García Lorca to the present. The protagonist, Alberto San Juan, writes a few words about the work and begins with the phrase with which Federico García Lorca referred to capitalism in a recital lecture he gave in 1930 at the Residencia de Señoritas in Madrid: “a cruel economic system whose neck will soon have to be cut.” He goes on to recount that this is where he presented his book Poeta en Nueva York and talked about his “lyrical impressions” after a year of living in the city during which he witnessed the Crash of 1929, the biggest capitalist-society global crisis prior to that which occurred in 2008, and in which we are still trapped today. The show presented by Alberto San Juan and the band reproduces the text – prose and poetry – that Federico recited in that meeting with the public almost a century ago, and which is totally relevant today.


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