Ángel Martín. Punto para los locos

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Angel Martin Aims to Shatter Notions on Perception of Madness with Punto para los locos

Through his groundbreaking Punto para los locos show, Angel Martin aspires to solidify your understanding that what sets us apart is not the presence of craziness within us, but rather the intensity of shame, panic, overload and impatience that echo in our minds. His aspiration was for you, the next time you hear any of those mental voices, to be capable of finding amusement in it and allow yourself more points for the so-called “crazies”.


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With his show Punto para los locos, Ángel Martín wants to help you realise that the only difference between us is not whether or not we’re crazy, but how loud the voices of shame, fear, overwhelm, and impatience are in our heads. His goal is that the next time one of those voices comes back, you’ll be able to laugh at it and give yourself another point for the crazies.


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