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Raíces: An Extension of Big Band de Canarias’ Musical Journey Underpinned by Kike Perdomo

Guided by accomplished saxophonist, talented composer and respected music educator Kike Perdomo, Raíces seeks to foster the evolution of the established process of music study and creativity. This process has been in motion for a decade and a half through the distinctive works presented by Big Band de Canarias (BBDC). A key endeavor of the initiative is to breathe new life into our music, highlighting the rhythm and honoring the most captivating melodies.

The goal is to arrange and modify these elements to perfectly complement an extensive ensemble set up, mirroring that of a large orchestra or big band. This lends an opportunity for audiences to experience and immerse in our rich and vibrant musical legacy.

Operating under the ‘world music’ banner, the BBDC delves into an array of genres that include folk, jazz, flamenco, South African folklore, and pop. While remaining grounded in tradition, the BBDC also has its sights firmly on the future.

Backed by some of the finest musicians in the Islands, the outfit seeks to showcase the sonic capabilities intrinsic to this style of music. In doing so, they aim to elevate its cultural significance and lend an updated relevance to its legacy.


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Raíces, led by the saxophonist, composer and teacher Kike Perdomo, aims to be a continuation of the musical study and creation process that has been developing for 15 years in the monographic works of the Big Band de Canarias (BBDC). The aim of the project is to revive our music, its rhythm and its best melodies and to orchestrate and adapt it all for a large ensemble format such as a big band and contemporary orchestra, so that the audience can enjoy our musical heritage. Under the world music label, the BBDC interprets genres such as folk, jazz, flamenco, South African folklore and pop. With respect for tradition and looking to the future, the BBDC, supported by some of the best musicians on the Islands, aspires to demonstrate the sound possibilities of this music style and to give a new status to its culture.


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