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Discover the Enchanting World of Princess Indira in the Chiquitita Musical

The musical ‘Chiquitita’ unveils a novel twist on traditional fairy tales. Set against a backdrop of Abba’s timeless hits, it explores the unconventional journey of Princess Indira, who opts to abandon her prince and seek refuge in her castle. Welcoming unpredictability, the narrative commences at the precise point where conventional tales usually conclude.

This Princess’s story conspicuously deviates from the widely accepted ‘and they lived happily ever after’ formula. After confronting her own symbolic ‘Waterloo’, Indira embarks on a journey of solitude, fostering resilience and strength.

However, she isn’t alone in her endeavours. Her cheerful fairy godmother, along with her delightfully eccentric cousins – the northern fairies – offer her constant companionship, supporting and nurturing her in her new environment.

Indira’s newfound ally, ‘Fernando’, instils a sense of camaraderie in her life, and together, they tread this novel path. But the transformative power embodied in this musical journey is significantly attributed to music itself.

Through this stimulating and empowering atmosphere, combined with the soulful melodies of well-loved Abba songs, Indira sheds her internal insecurities and rises as a strong, spirited princess. Her transformation elicits a breath of fresh air, embracing change and personal growth.

This unique and captivating musical carries a special treat suitable for people of all ages. Allow yourself and your family to be swept away into Princess Indira’s enchanting world. So, join us in celebrating this exquisite musical spectacle packed with Abba’s greatest hits.


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Chiquitita, the musical in which Abba’s songs are the common thread of this story that begins where all traditional fairy tales end. What if they didn’t live happily ever after? What if the princess leaves the prince and goes to the castle? This is what happens to Princess Indira in Chiquitita. After experiencing her own ‘Waterloo,’ she finds herself alone. But thanks to her fairy godmother and her crazy cousins, the fairies of the north, her new friend ‘Fernando’ and, above all, thanks to music, Indira can stop feeling so ‘little’ in front of the world and become a free-spirited and empowered princess. Don’t miss this musical with the best Abba songs, a musical gift for the whole family.


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