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Conchita Showcases Her New Album “Labola de Nieve”

Spanish composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Conchita, who spent much of her formative years in France, draws significant inspiration from French culture in her work. Conchita’s songs are akin to musical odes to life’s small yet meaningful joys, making life even more delightful and gratifying.

Conchita proudly introduces her latest musical collection, “Labola de Nieve”, comprising ten tracks that evoke a wide range of emotions. These tunes are designed to compel you to move, cause tears, stimulate contemplation, and prompt reevaluation.

Vivid and sonorous, this album spotlights tracks like “Cualquiera menos yo” (Anybody But Me), “No soy yo, eres tú” (It’s Not Me, It’s You), and “Por las veces” (For the Times). This work majestically captures an emotional kaleidoscope, reflecting Conchita’s unique talent and artistry.


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Concert presentation of their latest album. Conchita is a Spanish composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer who spent much of her childhood in France, so her creations have often been influenced by the culture of this country. If Conchita’s music could be defined in a few words, it may be said that this singer/songwriter writes hymns about the little things in life that make it happier and more beautiful. She now presents her new album “Labola de Nieve”, with ten songs that arouse all kinds of emotions, songs that will make you dance, cry, think and rethink many things. An explosion of sound and colours with songs like Cualquiera menos yo (Anybody but me), No soy yo, eres tú (It’s not me, it’s you) and Por las veces (For the times).


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