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Raphael’s Iconic Presence in the Music World and the Upcoming Victoria Tour

Spanish-speaking Raphael’s extraordinary vocal prowess coupled with his distinctive performing style, have successfully upheld his top-tier position among global musicians over the years. His unique personal brand has ensured he remains an uncontested name in the music industry.

Owing to his unparalleled vocal ability and signature style, he has secured an esteemed spot within the international music circuit. Raphael, over his more than six-decade-long career, has consistently captivated the audiences through his soulful performances.

In his upcoming Victoria Tour, he will be showcasing his new work crafted and moulded by the inimitable Pablo López. Additionally, Raphael will revisit his extensively rich repertoire that span over 60 years on stage.

The kickoff of the highly anticipated Victoria album tour is scheduled to be held at Gran Canaria Arena, Gran Canaria on December 7. Tickets are now available for purchase.


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His prodigious voice and his particular performance methods have been his primary tools for remaining, year after year, as an undisputed figure among Spanish-speaking singers, with a genuine and very personal brand, securing himself a privileged place on the global music scene. On his Victoria Tour, Raphael will present his latest work on stage, written and produced by the peerless Pablo López, as well as a tour of his own work performed over his more than 60 years on stage. The inauguration tour of the album Victoria will take place at the Gran Canaria Arena (Gran Canaria) on 7 December. Tickets on sale now.


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