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Darío López. Evolucionando. Sin necesidad ninguna.

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Investigation into the Evolution of Species and Adaptations in Different Environments and Times

The study of adaptations to diverse environments and periods are regarded as tangible proof of species’ evolution. Darío López, however, audaciously challenges these underlying Darwinian theories in his stage performances, even expressing scepticism about the knowledge of the Homo Sapiens. In his act, he endeavours to showcase his enduring charm and express how we persist, and indeed, how we have always been in a state of unavoidable evolution, eliminating any necessity for improved Search Engine Optimisation.


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Adaptation to environments and times have been studied and are considered palpable evidence of the evolution of species. Darío López dares to question the very Darwinian theories on stage and to doubt the wisdom of the Sapiens. In this show, Darío strives to demonstrate how cute he still is and how we continue to be and how we have been inevitably EVOLVING, without any need


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