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Exploring the Tale of Dumbo: An Elephant’s Adventure in The Circus of Time

The tale of Dumbo, a petite elephant with unusually large ears, unfolds at the awe-inspiring Circus of Time. Despite becoming a subject of ridicule due to his uniqueness, Dumbo’s spirit remains unbroken. With some help from his loyal friend Peanut, a mouse, Dumbo learns that his supposed flaw is, in actuality, an extraordinary gift; he can fly by using his enormous ears as wings.

Determined to locate his mother who has been tragically imprisoned and sold off to a different circus for trying to protect him, Dumbo sets off on an incredible adventure. This journey is punctuated by melodious musical scores that illustrate to both little ones and grown-ups the significance of maintaining friendships, believing in oneself, and making a daily conscious decision to extend kindness to all those we encounter.

This delightful spectacle is a wonderful treat for families, showcasing an unforgettable production and live voices that discuss important themes. These include the value of inclusivity and the stigma faced by those considered ‘different’, along with their personal battles for acceptance.

This resonating musical highlights the inherent worth of every individual, regardless of their physical appearance or the size of their ears. It beautifully conveys the message that everyone, irrespective of their physical characteristics, has an important story to unfold.


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Dumbo, a little elephant with big ears, has just arrived at the magnificent Circus of Time where he becomes a laughing stock because of his difference. But Dumbo doesn’t cave in, thanks to his friend Peanut the mouse, he discovers that what he thought was his greatest flaw is, in reality, a wonderful gift: Dumbo can fly using his ears as wings. He thus embarks on a great adventure in search of his mother who has been caged and sold to another circus for trying to defend him. A journey full of musical numbers, where children and adults learn the value of friendship, self-confidence and the daily decision to be kind to everyone who crosses our path. A fun show for the whole family with great staging and live voices that address topics such as inclusion as well as as the harassment suffered by those who are different and their own internal struggles to be accepted. A musical with soul that shows that all individuals have something to say, despite the size of their ears.


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