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Salute to Salsa: San Sebastián Celebrates Latin Festival in La Gomera

On Saturday, October 14, salsa fever will rise in La Gomera, with the island’s vibrant city, San Sebastián, becoming the capital of Salsa as it hosts its Latin Festival. The excitement will unfold at the historic Parque de la Torre del Conde, which is the core of all major happenings organised under the San Sebastián City Council’s programme.

The festival will welcome the internationally renowned Venezuelan singer, Oscar d’León, a revered figure in the world of Salsa. D’León enjoys the distinction of being the first Venezuelan artiste to bag an Anglo-Saxon Grammy award. He’s fondly referred to as the ‘Sonero of the World’ or the ‘Lion of Salsa.’ A ‘sonero’ signifies the singer of son music, a late 19th century genre of Afro-Cuban music. Typically, soneros are highly admired for their improvisational prowess and their storytelling abilities via music and lyrics, often touching upon societal and political issues.

Adding to the diverse multi-cultural line-up is Kinito Méndez, originally from the Dominican Republic. Méndez is widely loved and recognised as one of America’s standout merengue performers. He share the stage with the renowned Puerto Rican band, GrupoManía. Initiated in the early 1990s by the brothers Hector and Oscar Serrano, along with Edwin Serrano and Alfred Cotto, and later joined by Elvis Crespo, GrupoMania will infuse their energy into the event.

In addition, the festival will showcase the musical talents of the Gran Canaria-based ‘Grupo Bomba’, enriching the cultural extravaganza leaving spectators captivated.


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La Gomera, and more specifically San Sebastián, will be the capital of Salsa with the celebration of its Latin Festival on Saturday 14 October. It will take place in the Parque de la Torre del Conde, the epicentre of the main events in the programme planned by the San Sebastián City Council. Venezuelan singer Oscar d’León will take part, the first Venezuelan interpreter to receive an Anglo-Saxon Grammy award and known as the ‘Sonero of the World’ or the ‘Lion of Salsa.’ A sonero is a singer of son music, a genre of Afro-Cuban music that originated in the late 19th century. Soneros are typically known for their improvisational skills and their ability to tell stories through their music. They often use their lyrics to comment on social and political issues. Kinito Méndez, born in the Dominican Republic and one of the most popular merengueros in America, will also perform alongside the Puerto Rica band GrupoManía, which began in the early 1990s, formed by the Serrano brothers Héctor and Oscar, as well as Edwin Serrano and Alfred Cotto and later Elvis Crespo, among others. The musical group from Gran Canaria ‘Grupo Bomba’ will also perform.


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