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The Mar Abierto Festival Commemorates its 17th Year Anniversary in 2023 with Concerts in Canary Islands

In the year 2023, the renowned Mar Abierto Festival celebrates its significant 17th anniversary, reflecting its ongoing dedication towards hosting regional programs. This includes live concerts across the fascinating islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma, and La Gomera.

To celebrate this milestone, the festival has confirmed a line-up of vibrant artists. Luz Casal, a pop-rock star, will be performing on 13th April in Gran Canaria, followed by a concert in La Gomera on 15th April and in La Palma on 16th April. Folk pop artist Sheila Blanco is scheduled to enthrall audiences in Gran Canaria on 14th April.

The indie music enthusiasts can look forward to an enchanting performance by Guitarricadelafuente on 27th May in Gran Canaria and 28th May in Tenerife. World music artist Silvana Estrada will be playing at the festival on 23rd June in Gran Canaria.

Legendary pop-rock idol, Andrés Calamaro plans to set the stage ablaze with his music on 20th July in Gran Canaria and on 22nd July in Tenerife. Adding a classical touch to the festival, esteemed violinist Ara Malikian will perform on 15th September in Gran Canaria, and the following day, 16th September in Tenerife.

On 15th October, pop-rock diva Mónica Naranjo captivates the audience in Gran Canaria. In November, the festival sees a flamenco fiesta with María Peláe set to perform on 26th. Setting the stage in Gran Canaria, María Peláe wraps up the fiesta in traditional flair.

Overall, the Mar Abierto Festival promises a mesmerizing constellation of music genres and talents in a truly unique setting of Canary Islands in 2023, celebrating 17 years of making unforgettable music memories.


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Mar Abierto Festival celebrates its 17th anniversary in 2023 with a determined commitment of the festival to continue its regional program with concerts in Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Palma and La Gomera. Artists confirmed: Luz Casal. Pop Rock. 13/ABR. Gran Canaria. 15/ABR La Gomera. 16/ABR La Palma Sheila Blanco. Folk Pop. 14/ABR. Gran Canaria. Guitarricadelafuente. Indie. 27/MAY in Gran Canaria, 28/MAY Tenerife Silvana Estrada. World Music. 23/JUN. Gran Canaria. Andrés Calamaro. Pop Rock. 20/JUL. Gran Canaria. 22/JUL Tenerife Ara Malikian. Violinist. 15/SEP. Gran Canaria. 16/SEP Tenerife Mónica Naranjo. Pop Rock. 15/OCT. Gran Canaria María Peláe. Flamenco. 26/NOV. Gran Canaria


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