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Noon: An Innovative Approach to Chamber Concerts in the Canary Islands

The NOON is a unique initiative put forward for chamber concerts. These concerts are scheduled to occur simultaneously across numerous tourist hotspots within the Canary Islands. The concept primarily focuses on intimate and small-scale concerts that predominantly showcase classical as well as modern classical music. Canary Island ensembles are particularly highlighted in this initiative, reinforcing the Islands’ talent and valuable cultural heritage. The concert series, specifically crafted for local inhabitants and visitors, is synced with the spring and autumn seasons. One notable element of the festival aligns with its name – scheduling performances to happen at noon, offering a refreshing deviation from the customary afternoon and evening shows.

This year, Palma’s historic Salazar Palace has been selected as the venue for the NOON music festival. The festival, featuring an array of classical and modern music, will be held from Saturday, 16 September till Friday, 18 November. During this period, performances are slated to take place every Saturday precisely at 12:00 noon. For detailed scheduling and further information about the festival, please visit vectordeideas.com/noon.


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NOON is a proposal for chamber concerts that take place on the same days at the same time in tourist cities and towns throughout the Canary Islands. Focused on small-format concerts framed in classical and modern classical music, where the presence of Canary Islands groups stands out as a way of projecting the talent and cultural heritage of the Islands, its spring and autumn seasons are aimed at local audiences and visitors. The festival has the philosophy of scheduling its concerts at midday, offering a musical experience that challenges the norm of afternoon and evening concerts. The Salazar Palace in the capital of Palma will host the NOON classical and modern music festival from Saturday 16 September to 18 November. A series of shows that will take place every Saturday at 12:00 noon. The detailed schedule of the festival can be found at vectordeideas.com/noon.


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