Gran circo acrobático de China

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Experience Enriching Entertainment with The Esteemed Great Acrobatic Circus of China

Explore the sensory-rich experience created by the highly reputed Great Acrobatic Circus of China. This captivating spectacle engages all five senses, providing an entertainment escapade that’s unrivalled and second to none globally. It showcases over 30 talented artists, many of whom boast Olympic medals proudly pinned to their chest and some even bear the emblem of the renowned Cirque du Soleil.

The spellbinding show cultivates a gateway into a fantastical realm, ushering audiences in the steps of a dreamy boy—our protagonist—venturing through an illusory world. Thoughtfully crafted for a diverse range of spectators, it transcends the realms of standard theatre format and morphs into an all-encompassing spectacle that’s truly adaptable to the stage.

Journey through the precise choreography of unparalleled acrobatics, dramatic theatre, and dynamic dance, woven together into a fairytale narrative split into four spectacular acts—intermission included. Spotlighting more than 30 skilled artists which encompasses Olympic champions, and seasoned performers from the Cirque du Soleil, the show guarantees a feast for the eyes.

Further amplifying the mesmerising allure is a grand artistic manifestation coupled with a technical production like no other. This cascades down to the minutest detail like the more than 600 handmade silk costumes, reflecting the prodigious attention to detail and commitment to the art of performance.


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The famous and prestigious Great Acrobatic Circus of China is a delight for all five senses. Qualified as unique in the world and with more than 30 artists on stage, most of whom are Olympic medallists and some from Cirque du Soleil. The show invites the audience to travel with the protagonist, a dreamy boy who enters a fantasy world. It is suitable for all audiences, adapted to theatre format. It combines unprecedented acrobatics, dance and theatre in a fantasy story divided into four acts (with an intermission). It stars more than 30 artists, including Olympic medallists and performers from the Cirque du Soleil. A great artistic and technical production, with more than 600 silk costumes made by hand.


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