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Alexis Lemes, Javier Infante and Javier Colina Introduce Guiguan: A Fusion of Past and Present in Their Debut Album

Musical maestros Alexis Lemes, Javier Infante and Javier Colina have unveiled, on the stage of La Graciosa, their inaugural album, aptly named Guiguan. This premier record marks the synergy of three artistic minds dedicated to conceiving a standout musical genre, that finds its roots in their island heritage.

The trio, akin to sound explorers, venture on a ceaseless quest for the embodiment of musical allure. This is evidenced in their measured combining of contrasting melodies and daring improvisations. Rooted in their shared island heritage, this musical team has bridged the gap between tradition and innovation.

Their music paves the way for the emergence of a distinct musical dialect, stimulated by modern influences. Jazz tones and strong musical customs of their homeland provide rich inspiration for their unique sound.

In essence, this musical endeavour is like an emotive masterpiece, brushing an experience with musical strokes – an experience designed to resonate with the heart and invigorate the soul.


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Alexis Lemes, Javier Infante and Javier Colina take to the stage of La Graciosa to present Guiguan, their first record work. This album is the result of the collaboration between three musicians who share a profound desire to develop a unique style, rooted in their island roots, embarking as explorers of the sound universe, on an incessant search for musical beauty, the subtlety of contrapuntal melody and the bravery of risky improvisations. Their music represents an opening towards a genuine musical language, which is inspired by contemporaneity, jazz and the deep musical roots of their land. In short, this project is an emotional painting that paints with notes an experience that touches the heart and awakens the soul.


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