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The Evolution of Juno’s Musical Journey: From BNC626 to BCN747

Juno’s precedent album, BNC626, masterfully captured the ordinary, yet profound, nuances of a couple’s existence within the bounds of a hotel room. With Zahara and Martí at the helm, audience members were given the opportunity to be spectators to the pair’s life experiences, allowing them to delve into their private sphere.

Now, in Juno’s second studio album titled BCN747, Zahara and Martí have chosen to shift the narrative focus away from themselves and onto the world around them. This exploration has led them to various global sites – including London, Amsterdam, Mexico, and Los Angeles. Their journey has birthed a collection of tracks that intricately weave a tapestry of disillusionment, human origin and trajectory queries, and potent ire towards the errors made by prior generations.

These songs encapsulate the essence of their travels, marking Juno’s BCN747 as an album symbolic of two individuals adventuring through the world, and experiencing an increasing sensation of belonging nowhere.

Zahara and Martí’s collaborative journey started in 2019 when their paths crossed during a concert tour. They quickly realised a unique and compelling musical chemistry existed between them, leading to a decision to combine their creative energy and form Juno. This dynamic duo is known for their distinct styles and personalities, harmoniously blending to produce lyrics that delve into human melancholy, introspection, and the delicate intricacy of human emotions.


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In the previous album of Juno, BNC626, we could observe the daily life of a couple in a hotel room. Through their songs, we observed and participated in the experiences that Zahara and Martí told us, bringing us closer to their intimacy. In this second album, BCN747, they leave themselves and focus on what they see, the world around them. They travel to London, Amsterdam, Mexico, Los Angeles … and as a result of these trips these songs full of disenchantment, questions about the origin and future of human beings, but also of anger for the mistakes of our ancestors are born. All these trips appear in the songs of Juno and BCN747 can be understood in this way, as an album in which two people travel and in their discovery of the world feel more and more that they belong nowhere. Zahara and Martí met in 2019 during a concert tour and quickly discovered a special musical chemistry between them. They decided to join forces and form the duo Juno, where they combine their different styles and personalities to create songs that explore melancholy, introspection and the beauty of human emotions.


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