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La Buena Vecindad – A Comical Commentary on Human Behaviour (The Good Neighbourhood)

In the tranquil Canary Islands, Delirium Theatre brings a unique and humorous portrayal of a couple’s life disrupted by bothersome newcomers in their apartment complex. In “La Buena Vecindad” (The Good Neighbourhood), the couple, Manolo and Carmen, lead an otherwise monotonous and peaceful existence. The advent of their noisy neighbours disrupts their calm, forcing them into a predicament that they find challenging to navigate.

Through a comedic lens, we witness Manolo and Carmen consider countless, increasingly ridiculous strategies to eliminate their unwelcome neighbours. Their principal aim is to restore the serenity they were eagerly anticipating in their twilight years.

“Good Neighbourhood” is not just a comedy about the trials of daily life, but it also reflects on the excuses, self-delusions, and justifications people invent to evade confronting a problematic and unavoidable truth.

This amusing narrative adeptly deciphers the human tendency to sidestep discomfort and avoid facing realities that challenge our perception and peace. By doing so, it offers a thought-provoking commentary on the lengths we would go to preserve the tranquillity of our existence.


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Canary Islands behind the scenes La buena vecindad (The Good Neighbourhood) (Delirium Theatre) The peaceful and monotonous life of Manolo and Carmen is shaken by the arrival of some especially noisy new tenants in their building. Overwhelmed by the situation and unable to make a decision, the couple imagines a thousand and one different ways, each more absurd, to get rid of their undesirable neighbours and thus achieve the tranquillity that they had so desired for their golden years. In addition to exposing the challenges of daily life in a comedy, Good Neighbourhood interprets the alibis, self-deception, and justifications that people cling to every day to avoid facing an uncomfortable and inescapable reality.


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