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Golden Jubilee of ‘Mararía’ Celebrated with Revitalised Staging

Commencing in 2023, a milestone is set for the globally treasured Canary Islands literature: the golden jubilee (50th anniversary) of ‘Marária’ (1973). This year marks half a century of this iconic tome’s impact and cultural foothold. Two seminal artists from the Canary Islands, Yeray Rodríguez and Mario Vega, are set to present an intriguing revisitation entitled ‘Second Reading: Mararía la de Femés.’

This engaging reinterpretation provides an exploration into the entrenched legacy of patriarchy weaved into our collected history and societal genetics. The event will further illuminate the multiple iterations of ‘Marías,’ representing women from myriad backgrounds.

This effort makes a concerted step to allot a voice to a forgotten ‘Mararía.’ This character, previously silenced, has been undeservedly thrust into anonymity because, in the words of Arozarena, her age has caused everyone to forget her past identity.

This unique production, helmed by Una Hora Menos Producciones, marked its debut in June at the acclaimed Pérez Galdós Theatre, located in Gran Canaria. The enthusiasm for this revitalization was evident when all seats were quickly sold out. The aim of this retelling is to shine a light on the neglected voices of our history and allow all ‘Marías’ to finally be heard.


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The year 2023 marks the fiftieth anniversary a classic of Canary Islands literature: Mararía (1973). Two Canary Islands artists, Yeray Rodríguez and Mario Vega, will present in Second Reading: Mararía la de Femés, offering an opportunity to reflect on the legacy of patriarchy installed in our history and social genetics, with the voices of many Marías, of all the Marías. In this re-reading, voice is given to a silenced Mararía who has been relegated to oblivion because, according to Arozarena, now she is old, no one remembers who she was. The play, by Una Hora Menos Producciones, premiered in June at the Pérez Galdós Theatre in Gran Canaria, with all tickets sold.


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