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Ópera de Tenerife’s 2023-2024 Season to Open with María Moliner, a Tribute to a Remarkable Lexicographer

The upcoming 2023-2024 season of Ópera de Tenerife will kick off with the gripping narrative of María Moliner. Originally a Madrid-based production of the famous Teatro de la Zarzuela, the play first captivated audiences in 2016. This two-act, ten-scene documentary opera, complete with a libretto by Lucía Vilanova, tells the extraordinary tale of María Moliner, a dedicated lexicographer who singlehandedly crafted an extensive dictionary within the confines of her home.

This dramatic venture goes beyond mere storytelling. It shines the spotlight on Moliner’s compelling achievement of creating the ‘Dictionary of the Use of Spanish’ (1966), a comprehensive and influential work. Astoundingly, Moliner accomplished this feat independently, thereby outshining many academy members with her resilience and scholarly prowess. The theatrical production is thus a celebration of Moliner’s monumental contribution to the realm of Spanish language and literature.

With this opening act, the Ópera de Tenerife’s new season is all set to celebrate the unstoppable spirit of a single woman’s endeavour, making it a must-watch for lovers of both music and language.


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The season 2023-2024 of Ópera de Tenerife will get underway with María Moliner, a Madrid production of the Teatro de la Zarzuela which premiered in 2016. This documentary opera in two acts and ten scenes with a libretto by Lucía Vilanova recounts the life of María Moliner, a lexicographer who performed the feat of singlehandedly producing a dictionary in her home whose strength showed up the academy members (Dictionary of the use of Spanish, 1966), a publication that this show pays tribute to.


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