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The Unique Andalusian Melodies of María Peláe

María Peláe, the prominent singer-songwriter hailing from Malaga, has built an esteemed career in music spanning over twelve years. She is particularly recognised for constructing insightful and intricate lyrics that are brimming with socio-political commentary. Not only does her music resonate with the latest trends, but it also boasts a distinct international production, all while preserving the captivating Andalusian accent. Such is the uniqueness and originality of her sound that it often prompts listeners to remark, “This has to be Peláe.” These words reverberate frequently in the global music scene, strengthening her standing. As an artist, Peláe brings flamenco to life with her melodramatic performances, infectious wit, and fervent vocal prowess. Audiences can expect a profound experience that seamlessly transitions from moments of mirth to those of intense emotion.


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María Peláe. The singer-songwriter from Malaga, with more than twelve years of musical career behind her, is renowned for writing committed and elaborate lyrics, full of social criticism and with the most current sound. Internationally produced music with an Andalusian accent, and so unique and original that people say “This sounds like Peláe,” which is heard a lot in the world of music. Peláe is a flamenco artist who is known for his theatrical performances, his sense of humour and his passionate singing. His shows are a complete experience that will take you on a journey from laughter to tears.


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