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Marco Perez, hailing from Venezuela and recognised by the alias @marko on social platforms, ranks among the top comedians and influencers commanding a massive interactive following. His content, thanks to its viral appeal, manages to gain rapid popularity, typically within a span of a few hours. Boasting over 9.5 million devotees on Instagram alone, his digital prominence is undeniable. His uncompromising dedication and discipline have propelled him towards fulfilling his dreams in a comparatively brief period.

Even though Perez’s roots in the industry trace back to 1999, it was the year 2018 that proved to be a pivotal point in his career. This was when he expanded his horizons by taking his tours international, effectively creating a distinctive milestone in his professional trajectory.


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Marco Perez, Venezuelan, known on social networks as @marko, is currently one of the comedians and influencers with the greatest interaction on social networks, so much so that his videos become viral in just a few hours. He has more than 9.5 million followers on Instagram. His level of commitment and discipline has led to him fulfilling many of his dreams in a short time. Although his beginnings date back to 1999, it was not until 2018 that a before and after was definitively marked in his career due to the internationalisation of his tours


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