Mikel Bermejo. Tiquismiquis

Gran Canaria
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Discover Mikel Bermejo’s New Show TIQUISMIQUIS in the Canary Islands

Experience TIQUISMIQUIS, the groundbreaking new performance by Mikel Bermejo, a unique blend of side-splitting stand-up comedy and unpredictable improvisation. Bermejo, a gifted Basque scriptwriter and comedian, invites the audience to delve into his quirks, peculiarities, and unfortunate events. Through his sharp wit, he shines a light on the seemingly ordinary yet amusing occurrences we often overlook but are always within plain sight. Bermejo’s adventure in the Canary Islands marks his first venture here! Come and experience this fresh, captivating performance at Talleres Palermo.


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TIQUISMIQUIS is the new show by Mikel Bermejo, a mix of stand-up and improvisation in which he talks about his oddities, exquisities and misfortunes. He reveals the little things that happen, that are right there in your face but you have never stopped to analyze them. It is the first time for this Basque scriptwriter and comedian in the Canary Islands! Come and discover it at Talleres Palermo


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