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Immerse in Electric Vehicle Innovation at the 7th Canary Islands EV Showcase

Explore the cutting-edge of electric mobility at the 7th Canary Islands Electric Vehicle (EV) Exhibition. The event highlights the newest developments in the world of electric-powered transport, featuring everything from electric bikes and motorcycles to extended-range vehicles.

Further, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with carsharing businesses, workshops, and technical services specialising in EVs. Additionally, you’ll discover renewable energy firms focusing on charging solutions for electric vehicles.

The exhibition’s objective is to further the growth of the electric mobility sector, forging a path towards cities that are more efficiently balanced, pleasurably comfortable, and ultimately, more habitable.


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The 7th Canary Islands Electric Vehicle Show is the place to learn about the latest advances in electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, motorcycles, extended-range vehicles, carsharing companies, workshops and technical services and renewable energy companies for charging electric vehicles. The show aims to promote the electric mobility industry and make cities more efficient, comfortable and liveable.


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