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Experience Techno Like Never Before at ‘Movements’ Hosted by DJ Siblings

Prepare yourself for a unique musical journey, meticulously curated by two brothers who share an unmatched passion for all techno genres. They happen to be proficient DJs themselves, firmly believing in creating a memorable experience beyond the ordinary. Their emphasis lies in the strength of:

• A careful handpicked selection of music.
• Selecting artists based on their expertise in specific music genera. However, there is a special requirement – all artists must be residents of the Canary Islands.
• Ensuring a vibrant mood throughout the event, setting the stage for ultimate fun and enjoyment.
• Upholding the value of equality – All tickets are set at an affordable rate, making the event accessible to everyone. No special reservations or bookings are allowed during the event, encouraging a free-spirited vibe where attendees can focus solely on having a great time.

The event’s motto captures the essence perfectly: ‘Techno and Happiness.’ The objective is to redefine techno’s perception, allowing people to understand and appreciate it from a fresh perspective. They aim to organise a distinct musical event where attendees can revel in various techno genres, bask in an exciting atmosphere, and find joy in dancing to techno tunes.

Remember the date – Saturday 21 October 21. The 5th edition of this unique event will take place at the Aura room in Arrecife. Purchase your tickets via their Instagram page at and mark your calendars for a techno extravaganza like no other.


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Oriented to all genres of techno music, prepared by two brothers in love with this style of music and also DJs. Their priorities: • Music selection. • The choice of artists according to their musical specialisations. These artists must be Canary Islands residents on the islands. • A great atmosphere during the event. • Equality. That the tickets are affordable so that anyone can purchase them. In addition, there are no bookings during the event, so people can just go to have fun and dance. • The event slogan says it all: Techno and Happiness. The aim is to get people to know techno from another point of view than the one it has been pigeonholed in. A different type of musical event in which you can go to experience different techno genres, enjoy a fun atmosphere and be happy dancing to techno. The 5th edition will take place on Saturday 21 October 21 at the Aura room in Arrecife. Mark this date on your calendar and purchase your tickets through their Instagram:


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