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Promoting Social Economy in Remote Rural Communities

At Remote Villages, our primary objective is championing the Social Economy. We aim to illustrate an alternative method- a new approach to working in harmony with rural areas. Our mission revolves around facilitating better connections amongst individuals. Therefore, we strive to cultivate initiatives and learning opportunities that encourage social impact across various regions. Our involvement goes beyond just working in these areas, we actively cooperate with them.

Our firm belief lies in co-creation, collaboration, networking and transparency. These are the vital tools we use to mould a future filled with more opportunities. It acts as our guiding principle in generating social changes and stimulating development in the villages we operate and collaborate with.

We welcome everyone to join us on this journey to drive a socio-economic shift in remote rural areas, by leveraging modern methods like networking and transparent collaboration. Let’s build a brighter future in these places and for these places, together.


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From Remote Villages we have, and want to fulfill, many objectives, but one of the main ones is to represent the Social Economy and show that there is another way of doing things, of working with and for rural environments, and do it through the connection between people. For this reason, we promote experiences, initiatives and training that help generate a social impact in all the regions in which we work and with which we cooperate. We believe that co-creation, collaboration, networking and transparency are tools to build a better future.


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