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Witness the Spectacular Geminids Meteor Shower in Mid-December

On the night of December 13 and extending into the early morning of the following day, sky gazers can experience the remarkable show of the Geminids meteor shower, lasting until dawn. This astronomical event, which repeats annually in the middle of December, is a spectacular celestial sight to behold.

Taking its name from the Gemini constellation, the Geminids meteor shower is known for the radiant fireballs that seem to originate from this specific part of the cosmos. Travelling at a staggering speed of 35 kilometres per second, these meteors light up the night sky, offering a truly unforgettable experience.


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The famous Geminids will be seen on the night of December 13 and during the early hours of the next day, until dawn. It is a meteor shower that occurs every year in mid-December. It is named after the constellation of Gemini, as fireballs appear to emerge from that place in the sky at a speed of 35 kilometers per second.


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