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Travesuras (Mischief) Tour: A Spanish Concert Roadshow in Over 15 Cities by Romano Aspas

Embark on an exciting musical journey with the unrivalled Romano Aspas during the Travesuras (Mischief) Tour, a concert excursion spanning across more than 15 vibrant cities in Spain. Known for his unique charisma and entrepreneurial spirit, Aspas has risen to fame in Spain and Latin America as a captivating influencer and soulful music composer.

Known for his collaborations with prominent musicians who formerly partnered with world-renowned artists such as Sinatra and Prince, Aspas is currently delving into producing diversified rhythmic fusions. Based in the Dominican Republic, his music production is finely attuned to a refreshing Latin sound.

Aspas artfully couples reggaeton with popular music and infuses elements of funk, dembow, and electronic music. His tunes meld the ecstatic pulse of disco and house music, all whilst incorporating an innovative trapbow style. His versatile repertoire is topped off with a touch of bachata and melodious pop music, encompassing a collective soundscape that resonates with his devoted audience.


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Travesuras (Mischief) Tour. Concert tour of more than 15 cities in Spain. Romano Aspas. An enterprising and charismatic viral artist in Spain and Latin America, a seducer of souls and composer, he has collaborated with musicians who also accompanied Sinatra and Prince. He currently produces fusions of different rhythms in the Dominican Republic with a very fresh Latin sound to the rhythm of reggaeton, pop music, funk, dembow, electronic music, disco and house, trapbow, bachata and melodic pop.


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