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Ready for the 2023 Grand Return to Gran Canaria for the Gripping 360º Challenge?

Gear up for 2023 when we revisit Gran Canaria, the birthplace of our thrilling challenge! We’re bringing back the original race ideals from 2017 that transformed this competition into one of the globe’s most intense trail running competitions. Are you brave enough to take on the trial?

Once again, the widely known 360º Challenge will take place in the captivating Gran Canaria. Hold tight, as we’re planning to unveil the exciting details in a few weeks’ time. As a participant, you’re already well-aware of the demanding features of the 360º race: a truly challenging, unmarked, and highly technical course, where only maps and track and basecamps serve as your aid.

This monumental journey continues for multiple days. So, plan your rest wisely! Be prepared to explore the spectrum of emotions, from the exhilaration of progress to the intense struggle along the course. Join us in November for this extraordinary event!

Our race flags off on Wednesday 15th, leading up to the finale on Sunday 19th. Tejeda, a quaint town, will be the heart of these exhilarating events.

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This 2023 we will come back to Gran Canaria, the island where the challenge was born. Following the same philosophy of the race that started it all in 2017. Now it is one of the most extreme trail running events in the world. Do you accept the challenge? The 360º Challenge will take place once again in Gran Canaria. In a couple of weeks we will disclose the details. You already know the 360º features: a really long and technical course, without marking, with the only aid of the maps and the track and basecamps along the way. You’ll need to manage your sleeping times because this adventure lasts multiple days. Joy or suffering? You will have time to experience both of them. See you in November! The race will start on Wednesday 15th to Sunday 19th. The town of Tejeda will be the epicenter of this challenge. IMPORTANT: Stay tuned to our social media, website and your email to be informed about the news of the 360º Challenge.


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