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The Enchanting WOW Show by McGerry Gerard: A Journey into the Realm of Extraordinary

The Sala Timanfaya Theatre unfolds a world where the unimaginable takes form through The Magic WOW Show by McGerry Gerard. His secret? A cutting-edge approach to magic that merges sophistication with the contemporary. Each spectacle he curates radiates a distinct flair, enabling him to manifest an exclusive, sensation-rich brand of magic.

Not long after taking the stage, Gerard’s charismatic personality and wit captivate his audience. He possesses a distinguished career that spans 18 years in the arena of magic, a journey marked by over 5,000 performances across numerous nations, with over 200 wholly pleased patrons. The distinctive features encompassing his work, namely his ingenuity, creative finesse, allure, and exceptional showmanship have been frequently applauded by his clientele.

Gerard’s proficiency and extensive portfolio in magic make him an adaptable performer, capable of entertaining audiences of all ages. His versatility extends to a broad spectrum of entertaining possibilities, enthusing both children and adults alike. An innovator at heart, McGerry Gerard’s magical performances are a testament to his exceptional talent in captivating audiences, making the impossible seem real.


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The Magic WOW Show by: McGerry Gerard. The Impossible Becomes Reality, in the Sala Timanfaya Theatre. The key to this incredible performer’s success is a NEW STYLE of magic that is at the same time modern as well as elegant. Each one of his magic shows has its own unique style that allows him to create a different kind of magic that is full of new sensations. With his charming personality and humour, McGerry Gerard knows how to seduce those before him shortly after appearing. More than 5,000 shows performed in different countries and more than 200 satisfied customers are testimony to his 18-year career in the world of magic, where his customers highlight his innovation, creativity, charm and spectacular showmanship. McGerry Gerard’s training in magic and his extensive repertoire make him a versatile artist with a wide range of possibilities to entertain different audiences of children and adults alike.


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