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Unveiling Tensamba: The Quintessential Festival Celebrating Brazilian Culture

Tensamba Festival, an exceptional display of Brazil’s vibrant culture, is the brainchild of two Canarian enthusiasts with an unfaltering devotion for Brazil. Brought to life two decades prior, this cultural extravaganza has witnessed active participation from a myriad of Brazilian artists, encompassing varying genres and ages within music and other art forms.

Passion, steadfastness, and relentless work ethic have made it possible for Tensamba to earn a distinguished position in the global arena as a top-tier festival showcasing Brazilian music and culture. Critical backing from reputable institutions, including the Brazilian Embassy in Spain, the Hispano-Brazilian Foundation, the Government, and other Canary Island institutions, have been instrumental in driving its ascent.

Significant corporations such as TAM Airlines or Telefónica Spain, besides media houses like RNE Radio 3, have been pivotal in transforming this festival into an annual global event, extending its reach far beyond the Canary archipelago’s periphery.

Today, Tensamba exemplifies the exceptional standard any festival ought to attain, with its warm, familial atmosphere engaging artists, premium production value, and noteworthy media prominence. Simply put, Tensamba embodies Brazilian art and culture.


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Tensamba is a Festival that emerges and develops from the unconditional love of two young Canarians for Brazilian culture. Since its creation two decades ago, countless Brazilian artists from different genres and generations have participated, both in the field of music and other artistic disciplines. Thanks to passion, perseverance, and effort, Tensamba has established itself over the years as a leading festival of Brazilian music and culture worldwide. The good work and, of course, the support of important institutions such as the Embassy of Brazil in Spain, the Hispano-Brazilian Foundation, the Government, and other institutions of the Canary Islands, as well as significant companies like TAM Airlines or Telefónica Spain, and media outlets like RNE Radio 3, have turned this festival into an annual event that has internationalized beyond the borders of the Canary archipelago. Today, Tensamba is a perfect example of the excellence that any festival should achieve, from the atmosphere of familiarity it creates with all the artists who participate to the high-quality production and media impact it achieves. Tensamba is art, Tensamba is Brazil.


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