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Experience the Definitive Showdown at the 10th Edition of the Gran Canaria Bestial Race 2022

Immerse yourself in the pulsating atmosphere of the high-stakes finale at the 2022 Bestial Race Series, taking place in Arucas, a place packed with sporting fervour. This year, the event’s tenth crucial edition promises to deliver thrills like never before with two revamped circuits situated in the city’s sporting precinct.

The race will both commence and conclude in the heart of the Barreto region, lending an air of emblematic tradition to the proceedings. Get ready for the adrenaline rush as you take on 50 challenging and intricately designed hurdles – a fantastic testament to this year’s race ingenuity.

Prepare to be witness to a spectacular show that brings together the greatest obstacle course champions from across the Canary Islands. This grande finale is then, all about testing your endurance, pushing limits, and basking in the glory of a sporting challenge, all set for some unforgettable feats. Be there to see just who claims the top spot in this riveting display of agility and strength.


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Tenth edition of the Gran Canaria Bestial Race, grand finale of the Bestial Race Series 2022, this year you will face two renovated tracks in the sports area of the city of Arucas, starting and ending in the Barreto area, 50 obstacles and a Spectacular staging awaits you in the grand finale, where we will meet the best obstacle coursers in the Canary Islands.


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