Great Road Trip: An Itinerary Around the Canary Islands

Road-Tripping the Canary Islands: A Vibrant Voyage Awaits

The Grand Road Trip Around the Canary Islands. From the inky-black volcanic trails to the intoxicating splendour of the azure sea, the Canary Islands promises an extraordinary festival of colours, culture and climatic wonders. As a melting pot of Europe’s premiere biodiversity hotspots, these islands are an ideal backdrop for a grand road-trip. Embark on a memorable voyage as you weave through the tantalising labyrinth of landscapes, captivating architectures and rich cultural heritage. All of them, a testament to the heart-stirring beauty nested in these insular Spanish territories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intriguing island history and diverse ecosystems.
  • Vibrant culture, gastronomy and architecture.
  • Exhilarating road trip experience with strategic itinerary.
  • Unique activities like stargazing, swimming in the natural pools and hiking.
  • Essential tips for an unforgettable road trip experience around the Canaries.

The Canarian History and Biodiversity

Kick-off your road trip with a historical powwow at the Canarian Museum in Gran Canaria. Immerse in the island’s relics, piecing together the abstruse history of an extinct civilisation, the Guanches. Next, explore the exceptional ecosystems rooted in the islands. Navigate through the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria or drift in the marine wonderland of the Tenerife Island.

Savouring the Canarian Gastronomy

Take a gastronomic journey through the Canary Islands. Be ready to surprise your palate with a plethora of traditional Canarian dishes. From the spicy mojo sauce to the delectable honey rum, Canarian gastronomy is intrigue personified. Make a stop at the Tacoronte Acentejo wine region during your road trip to taste some exquisite local vintages.

Marvelling at the Spellbinding Canarian Architecture

Veer off the beaten path to witness the repertoire of Canarian architecture, a beautiful amalgamation of indigenous, Spanish colonial and modern influences. Experience the grandeur of Santa Ana Cathedral in Las Palmas, soak up the charm of colonial La Orotava and lose yourself in the avant-garde audacity of the Tenerife Auditorium.

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Striking Off Iconic Activities on Your Road Trip

Beat the monotonous road-trip vibe with a series of iconic activities. Stargaze at the Starlight Reserve of La Palma, enjoy volcanic thermal baths in Lanzarote Island, or go surf in Fuerteventura. Get your adrenaline fix by huffing along the mountainous trails of El Teide or take a calming dip in the natural pools dotting the islands.

Crafting an Unforgettable Itinerary

Decipher the art of itinerary making to embrace the Canary Islands in all its glory. Split your time between activities, rest and travel. Prioritise key attractions based on your interests, adopt a flexible schedule to accommodate spontaneous discoveries, and ensure to savour the randomness that road trips inevitably bring along.

Essentials for a Canary Island’s Road Trip

Ensure your Canary Islands road trip is a roaring success by arming yourself with the essential know-how. Understand the driving specifics in the islands; familiarise yourself with the unique weather conditions, stay aware of the pronounced geographical features, and equip yourself with all necessary documents and equipment.

Sharing the Joy of Sustainable Travel

In an era focused on sustainability, harness your journey’s potential to make a positive impact. Adopt ‘Leave No Trace’ principles, opt for locally sourced products, and contribute to conserving the vibrant ecosystems and habits that make the Canary Islands a paradise.


  1. Best Time for a Canary Islands Road Trip:

    The best time to plan a Canary Islands road trip is during the spring months of March to May or the autumn months of September to November, as the weather is pleasant and the crowds are fewer​.

  2. Unique Canarian Dishes:

    Some unique Canarian dishes to try include Papas Arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), Mojo Picon (spicy sauce), Almogrote (cheese paste), Gofio (toasted flour), and Bienmesabe (sweet almond cream)​.

  3. Making the Most of the Canary Islands’ Biodiversity:

    To make the most of the Canary Islands’ biodiversity, consider exploring the various natural parks and reserves, go whale and dolphin watching, enjoy the unique flora and fauna, and engage in birdwatching​.

  4. Starlight Reserve:

    The Starlight Reserve in the Canary Islands refers to areas with exceptional conditions for observing the stars. The islands of La Palma, Tenerife, and La Gomera have been designated as Starlight Reserves due to their low light pollution and clear skies, providing excellent conditions for stargazing and astronomical observation​.

  5. Driving in the Canary Islands:

    Driving in the Canary Islands resembles small-town Spain’s driving style, being laid back. Drivers drive on the right side of the road, and it’s advisable to be cautious on dual carriageways as speeds may be faster than what one might be accustomed to in Northern Europe or the USA. The rugged, volcanic landscape can make driving feel like navigating through a volcano, adding to the unique experience​.

  6. Promoting Sustainable Travel:

    Promoting sustainable travel in the Canary Islands can be achieved through supporting organizations like Canary Green, which helps tourists find sustainable experiences, accommodations, and local initiatives.

  7. Safety Measures for a Road Trip:

    For a safe road trip through the Canary Islands, it’s advisable to not leave valuable objects inside the car. Be cautious of petty crimes such as pickpocketing, be prepared for hilly terrains especially in Tenerife, and around the ocean as strong undertows are common. It’s also beneficial to have basic emergency information at hand and to keep a close eye on personal belongings​​​32​.

A grand road trip around the Canary Islands is not just about clocking miles. It’s a rite of passage that duces you to a unique world pulsating with life, beguiling traditions and breath-taking beauty. Are you ready for an unforgettable jaunt into the stunning Spanish Isles’ heart?

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