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Where to Stay in Fuerteventura: The Best areas for Your Visit

Untouched sandy beaches, emerald waters, diverse marine life and a vibrant atmosphere – Fuerteventura has it all. And while this island paradise invites explorers to seek outdoor adventure during the day, it becomes a peaceful haven by night. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a beginner backpacker, finding the perfect Stay in Fuerteventura becomes a necessity. A great hostel can offer you a home away from home, fostering a community of fellow travellers, while creating a basecamp for your Fuerteventura adventure. Here, we have ranked the top 5 hostels in Fuerteventura that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Key take away:

  • Value-for-money accommodation.
  • Emphasis on local culture and community.
  • Facilities that cater to different types of travellers, from adventure seekers to those in search of tranquillity.
  • Located close to popular landmarks and activities.
  • High-quality services and friendly staff.

1. Surfing Colors Apartments, Corralejo

A multisport-loving paradise in Corralejo, Surfing Colors Apartments is a hostel that exudes serenity. The hostel ensures an exciting lifestyle with different daily activities ranging from learning to surf, hiking to biking, and even yoga sessions.

2. La Fresa Hostel, El Cotillo

If you are looking for a comfortable, friendly, and culturally rich place to stay, La Fresa Hostel in El Cotillo should top your list. Stand on your balcony and admire the view of the tranquil sea or take a short stroll and reach the famous surfing spots.

3. Maxorata Beach, Corralejo

Among the hostels in Corralejo, Maxorata Beach stands out for its festive and colourful vibe. Much more than a simple place to sleep, here you can enjoy the traditional Canarian charm and exchange travel tales with like-minded guests.

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4. Sol y Mar Surf Camp, Lajares

If you’re looking for a laidback yet adventure-filled stay, Sol y Mar Surf Camp in Lajares should be your pick. This hostel offers surf lessons for different levels and yoga classes during sunset – combining adventure and relaxation in a unique package.

5. The Inn Boutique, Corralejo

The Inn Boutique in Corralejo takes hostel living into luxury. Stylish rooms, an attentive staff, and bespoke services catered to meet every traveller’s needs. Its strategic location near the city centre and beach adds to its charm, making it an ideal choice for conscious luxury travellers.

Unravelling the Best Stay Experience

A stay in any of these top 5 hostels in Fuerteventura guarantees not just comfort but a vibrant experience of the Island’s culture and lifestyle. With varied and unique experiences on offer, every traveller can find their perfect match.

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Stay in Fuerteventura

Time to answer some lingering questions you might have about these top-rated Fuerteventura hostels. These FAQs cover topics such as suitability for families, use of languages, availability of private rooms, and provision for local tours and activities.

Fuerteventura’s charm and allure lies not just in its sceneries and beaches, but also in its vibrant stay experiences, brought to you by these featured hostels. From the thrill of adventure to the calming serenity, from memorable social interactions to local cultural immersions – your home amongst these 5 stellar hostels is waiting for you. Pack your bags for Fuerteventura – this travel destination promises to surpass your expectations with every visit.


1. What kind of accommodation can I expect in these hostels in Fuerteventura?

You can expect value-for-money accommodation with a focus on local culture and community. These hostels offer a range of facilities catering to different traveler needs, from adventure enthusiasts to those seeking tranquility.

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2. Are the hostels family-friendly?

While each hostel has its unique vibe and services, some may be more suited to families than others. It’s best to check the specific facilities and room arrangements at each hostel to determine if they meet your family’s needs.

3. Do these hostels provide private rooms?

Yes, several of these hostels offer private room options. For instance, The Inn Boutique in Corralejo offers stylish rooms for those seeking a more private, luxury experience.

4. Are there any language barriers at these hostels?

These hostels typically have staff who are conversant in multiple languages, catering to an international clientele. However, specifics can vary, so it’s advisable to inquire directly with the hostel.

5. How close are these hostels to local attractions and landmarks?

The hostels are strategically located close to popular landmarks and activities, like Surfing Colors Apartments near surfing spots, and The Inn Boutique close to the city center and beach.

6. Can I expect any cultural experiences at these hostels?

Yes, these hostels emphasize local culture. For example, Maxorata Beach in Corralejo offers a traditional Canarian charm.

7. Are activities like surfing and yoga available through these hostels?

Many of these hostels offer activities like surfing, yoga, and biking. For instance, Surfing Colors Apartments and Sol y Mar Surf Camp provide surfing and yoga sessions.

8. Is it possible to arrange local tours through these hostels?

Yes, most of these hostels can help arrange local tours and activities, ensuring you experience the best of Fuerteventura.

9. What sets these hostels apart from other accommodations in Fuerteventura?

These hostels stand out for their unique combination of local cultural immersion, quality service, friendly staff, and their ability to cater to different types of travelers.

10. Are these hostels suitable for solo travelers and backpackers?

Absolutely, these hostels are ideal for both solo travelers and backpackers, offering communal spaces and activities to meet fellow travelers.

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